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A brief introduction to the College of computer and Information Engineering

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    The Institute of computer and Information Engineering (hereinafter referred to as the Academy), whose predecessor was the Department of electronic and information engineering established in 1996, changed its name to the Department of computer science and technology in 2000 and renamed the Institute of computer and Information Engineering in November 2011. In 1993, the specialty of computer applied technology was set up; in 2001, the computer science and technology undergraduate specialty was set up and the direction of information confrontation and management was set up in 2011; in 2007, the undergraduate major in communication engineering was opened; in 2013, the undergraduate major in the Internet of things Engineering was opened; in 2016, the digital media technology major was set up; in 2018, in 2018, Set up the major of data science and large data technology. There are more than 1500 students at present.

First, the advantage of running a school

    The college has the Ministry of education, "excellent engineer education training program", a pilot specialty, a national college student engineering practice education base, a provincial "computer science and technology" specialty, and a provincial "pilot program for undergraduate education model reform", and a school class "experimental teaching demonstration center" and "plan". The basic professional teaching team of computer. The Institute has a computer science and technology and Communication Engineering Experimental Center, including computer application foundation, computer network, computer software, computer engineering, communication principle, signal and system, mobile and transmission, digital media and other more than 10 laboratories, with more than 1000 computers and more than 2000 sets of set of communication experimental equipment.

    In order to meet the needs of China's economic transformation and upgrading, Chinese enterprises should be encouraged to establish a global competitive advantage in the age of information and industry 4. In December 2014, the Ministry of education and the Zte Corp signed the cooperation agreement of the ICT production and education integration innovation base, which will support the establishment of the integration and innovation base of production and education in 20 colleges and universities, and discuss the application technology together. Talent training. In July 2015, as the first undergraduate college in Henan Province, Nanyang Institute of Technology and ZTE communications signed a formal cooperation agreement, both school and enterprise will jointly invest more than 1000 million yuan, cooperate to form the "ICT production and education integration innovation base", and choose the communication engineering and the Internet of things Engineering as the professional and cooperative specialty of the innovation base. Since 2015, the school enterprise cooperation class has been established and cooperative education has been carried out. In September 2017, the school enterprise cooperation framework agreement was signed with the Henan Institute of information security. The first class of the "real war" seminar on the first college students' information security in Henan was officially opened by both sides.

Ministry of education ICT production and education integration innovation base

The first practical training course for information security of college students in Henan was officially opened.


Two. Teachers' strength

There are 66 teachers in the college, including 5 professors, 27 associate professors, 35 lecturers, 60 doctors and master's degrees. Professor Xue Qingji is now a PhD supervisor in computer application technology at Wuhan University of Technology. The construction of teaching staff shows the characteristics and trend of being younger, highly educated and diversifying.

Three. Research achievements

In the past three years, our teachers have published more than 300 papers and more than 60 core periodicals in academic periodicals at home and abroad, and have completed 37 projects in provincial and municipal scientific and technological research, 15 horizontal projects and 20 official publications. Among them, "C language programming" for the general higher education "11th Five-Year" national planning teaching materials. There are 8 school class excellent courses and 2 excellent teaching materials.

Four, talent training

The college is adhering to the concept of applied talents training, paying attention to the combination of professional knowledge and comprehensive quality, theoretical basis and engineering practice. The college pays attention to the construction of the second classroom and the construction of students' autonomous learning platform. At present, the college has set up 12 students' scientific and technological innovation team, such as Jiuzhou Tong ban, ACM laboratory, intelligent car studio, Internet of things studio, TOPCODE club, network of science and technology, mobile Internet and so on. The Institute provides hardware support for various teams to provide fixed activities, and coordinates technical guidance from experts inside and outside school.

In 2015, there were 260 graduates in our hospital, with the annual employment rate of 97.69% and the formal employment rate of 61.15%. In 2016, there were 204 graduates in our hospital, the annual employment rate was 98.53%, and the formal employment rate was 61.76%. In 2017, the total number of graduates in our hospital was 249, the year-end employment rate was 97.99% and the formal employment rate was 65.46%. The high quality of talent training makes the employment rate of the college in the forefront of school for many years, and the quality of employment has also been steadily improved. Many of the graduates are paid more than 100 thousand a year, and high salary employment has become a phenomenon.

Five. College honor

In recent years, our college students have won many awards in various disciplines and competitions at home and abroad. College students participated in the ACM International College Program Design Competition on behalf of Henan colleges and universities. The total won 17 bronze awards in Asia. From 2012 to 2016, the total number of gold medals in the fifth, sixth, seventh and eight or nine ACM program competition in Henan province was the first in the whole province. In 2018, our team won 4 gold medals again, of which two teams were ranked second and third in Henan province. The total gold medals continued to lead other colleges and universities. In 2017, in the "blue bridge" international tournament, held by Princeton University in New Jersey, USA, Li Zhaoqiang of our hospital was with Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Luo. Gus University and other famous international schools, such as Tsinghua University, Peking University and other well-known universities in the same platform, won the first prize. In the first global Chinese network safety skills finals in 2017, the college WPSEC (woodpecker network safety) team captured all the goals, and finally won the first prize in the final 920 points, and won the first prize. Special prize.

The achievements made by the Institute in teaching, scientific research, League studies and school enterprise cooperation have also been recognized by the higher level party organizations. In 2017, the general Party branch of the college was awarded the honorary title of "the ten best advanced grassroots party organizations in Nanyang" by the CPC Nanyang Municipal Committee.

The general Party branch of the college was awarded the top ten advanced grassroots party organizations by the CPC Nanyang Municipal Committee.

Won the first prize in the first global Chinese network security skills finals in 2017.

Get good results in the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest Asian regional competition

Six, future prospects

    In the age of information technology, competition is fierce and competition is fierce. All teachers and students of the college, adhering to the motto of "virtue, learned, truth-seeking, and the best", and the spirit of "not willing to be weak", strive for the construction of the country's same class application college.